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coating machine

Printing and Coating Devices SOTEX-BSA

This new coating machinery was developed to lay plastics on textile garments like working protection gloves or socks.

The PVC coating on the garment guarantees a high grip performance. The machine base is of a rotary index form technique. The form carrousel is equipped with 18-40 forms adapted to the garment, which should be coated. The process is similar silk screen printing. The coating /printing is made on one or more print stations, so it is possible to print with four colors and on one or both sides. The heat treatment in the heating channel with adjustable temperature guarantees very reliable adhesion of the PVC on the garment. The maximum temperature is 200 degrees Celsius.

Only one operator is needed for loading, unloading and inspection. Processes such as PVC-material pumping, screening, heat treating and cooling will be done automatically. The machine has a quick change device for silk screens. The changing time is 20 to 30 seconds.





Application one side (socks) on both sides
+ fingertips and thumb crotch
Number of colors one to four colors one to two colors one to two colors
Production 50 Dz-pair/hour
(one color)
25 Dz-pair/hour 25 Dz-pair/hour
Number of forms 18 - 30
single- or doubleforms
24 - 40 handforms 24 - 40 handforms
Electric power 9 kW 18 kW 18 kW
Number of pumps 1 - 4 2 - 4 3 - 5
All types are prepared for suck off and cooling fun.

Subject to change without notice

Our machines will be equipped and specified in according to the customers requests and concepts. Available Options: Automatic take-off device, stacking and bundling unit.